PowerHans Lifestyle for a Happier and Healthier you!

Working day-in and day-out will take its toll on anyone and if you want to create a healthy and empowered life, you need some time to release the stress and enjoy life.

The positive benefits of music have been known early on, researchers and believers saw how music affects a person’s mind, body and spirit. The benefits ranges from relaxing to feeling relieved, from being happy to indescribable joy or even a change of heart. There are even studies showing that music initiates fast recovery for injured persons and also stimulates the mind for learning.

Listening to relaxing music relieves stress and creates a chance for healing mentally and emotionally. Some experts call it music therapy giving people mental relaxation and most of the time helps find our way to a happy soul. Slow or meditative music has a calming effect and is believed to slow down one’s breathing and heart rate.

Likewise, exercise and dancing can also benefit the person whose work and lifestyle involves sedentary activities. Seated in front of the computer all day long? Behind your desk the whole day with mountainous papers to pore over? Take a break and take charge of your health! An array of cardiovascular exercise videos, dancing videos, yoga, and Pilates with its complementary equipment enclosed in a box set could be a fitting gift for a loved one or for yourself. Exercise is not only beneficial for the heart but it can also relieve stress. When done at the beginning of the day, it boosts one’s stamina and gives added energy to face the challenges of the daily grind.

Now the busy bees of the metro can enjoy the benefits and journey to a healthier and happier you with the new Chill out and Relaxation Music CD Collection and the new Fitness Sets only from Powerhans, the home and distributor of popular DVDS and Music CD’s. Also offered are other materials to enhance one’s lifestyle, like health and grooming, pet care, food and entertaining, beauty and design. Enjoy life with - PowerHans Lifestyle.